Monday, July 30, 2012

Jacque Vaughn's Right Place in History

After announcing the signing of the organization's new coach, Orlando Magic CEO, Alex Martinis, announced that Vaughn was "the right person for this moment in our history". While preceding history with that possessive "our" concerns DBSF on existential grounds because it suggests multiple temporal orders coexisting, which could then imply that certain space time-continuums are more relevant/ valid than others, which if that were the case would seriously concern DBSF because he has an inkling that the space-time continuum that he's assigned to is likely of lower priority/ value, there's also the possibility that DBSF is just over-thinking all of it.

But moving to the Magic should concern Jacque Vaughn. He's a young ex-player with no head coaching experience. He was an assistant with the Spurs so you can be fairly confident that he knows what he's doing and has potential. But Vaughn should probably have thought more long-term about the job much like Brian Shaw did when he turned down the Charlotte Bobcats job (probably) because it would have ruined his resume and set him back a decade until he could get a head coaching job for another contender. After Ryan Anderson left for too much money, the Magic are left with Dwight Howard, who will likely be gone by the end of the year, and Hedo Turkoglu, who DBSF has suspects takes cigarette breaks between quarters.

Because Howard has been so mercurial with respect to free agency over the last year and as of now appears adamant that he won't sign an extension with any team, his value on the trading block is limited. In a worst case scenario, which DBSF puts around 20% at the moment, the Magic could lose Howard and get nothing in return. If that happens the Magic will be relying on 'Big Baby' Glen Davis for the majority of their offense, which is a virtual guarantee that every season ends with your organization hoping that a ping-pong ball with a low number shoots out of lottery machine so you can retain the rights to whoever was one of John Calipari's three best 19 year old from the previous season. Of course, recommending Vaughn stay with the Spurs and wait out a few lottery picks ignores the possibility that the head coaching opportunity might not be there in four or five years. However if the Magic can't achieve some compensation for Dwight Howard it will likely spell a decade and a half of NBDL purgatory for Jacque Vaughn if he ever wants to be a head coach again.

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