Thursday, August 2, 2012

JR "Chris" Smith v0.5

NY Knicks' SG JR Smith's shot-selection, civil disobedience-approach to defense, and NRAesque commitment to protecting the right to dribble the basketball at any and all times is basically the genesis for Dem Bammas Straight Fryin. So it came as quite a blessing when DBSF learned that JR has a younger brother, Chris, whom just signed (a probably non-guaranteed) contract with the Knicks. As a 6'2" guard, whose best Summer League game was a 10 point, 3 board game against the Raptors--which is like going scoreless and fouling out against the Rockets' summer league team or in the case of a regular season game going on the road against the Magic and upon checking in from the scores' table coughing and immediately infecting the 15K-plus people in attendance with small pox--things aren't looking that promising for little bro. From what DBSF can gander Chris's body art isn't quite up to par with his older bro, and there's still uncertainty on his naked-GF-sext-tweeting game. But one more dribbler, even if it is a watered-down version of THE dribbler, is a bounty for DBSF.

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