Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Goodman League: Top Billin'

So DBSF loves the Goodman League because it's local and is having it's showcase in Upper Marlboro (the county seat of DBSF's personal own Prince George's County). But he hates the Goodman League because every year he gets confused and thinks that it's one giant pro-am summer-long event dedicated to Tamir Goodman and that never ends up being the case (yet). This year's showcase has confirmed appearances from Kevin Durant, John Wall and Ty Lawson, and there's probably few things cooler than watching a 7-footer with impeccable touch and athleticism go for 70 in a quarter and a half on D1 college players without ever tying his sneakers or witnessing Lawson and Wall's speed first-hand in the intimacy of a high school gym.

Buuutttt, also scheduled to appear and play is Chris Brown, who if you don't know anything about him besides the fact that when it comes to fist-fighting he doesn't discriminate based on gender, he's boy band-big with teenagers, whom it turns out--and not surprisingly really--get over past indiscretions relatively quickly and demand little with respect to exculpation, and calls his fans "Team Breezy", which DBSF will allow others to make their own judgement on someone who calls himself "Breezy". (And DBSF isn't necessarily implying that you judge someone with that a self-appointed a nom de guerre pejoratively. The brilliance behind the marketing necessary to keep a 20 year old, who beat up arguably the biggest pop princess of a decade and comes off as delusionally arrogant in many interviews, popular is on par with the brilliance necessary to land a go-kart on Mars with cameras that capture images of a barren red desert.) But if DBSF is going to shell out $30 for a pro-am with the likes of Durant and Wall, who understandably won't be going 100%, he sure as heck isn't trying to have 2012's Nick Carter bring the ball up the court while playing out his own NBA fantasy--that role should be reserved for Gilbert Arenas, who will also be there.

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