Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jeremy Affeldt & Paternity Leave

Some facts about Jeremy Affeldt. 1) He's a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants. 2) You probably didn't know that unless he was on your fantasy baseball team or your last name was Affeldt. 3) Based on the vision tab of The Jeremy Affeldt Foundation he's pretty hardcore Christian, 4) which is mitigated by the fact that apparently he's really dedicated to fighting child slavery, which also makes it really hard to ridicule him . . . so number five is said in light-hearted jest. 5) Jeremy Affeldt re-joined the Giants' roster earlier this week after missing a few games for paternity leave.

Affeldt's a set-up closer and averages probably around 3 innings of pitching a week. For those unfamiliar with baseball's temporal landscape 3 innings means, including warming-up Affeldt probably plays for an hour a week. Take team meetings and practice into account he probably puts in 10 hour work weeks. Tops. Like averages 6-8 hour work weeks until things really starting picking up at the end of the season in September and October. Major League Baseball also has a 5 month off-season. DBSF ran some back-of-the-envelope calculations--Affeldt probably works the equivalent of eight 40 hour work weeks per year. So someone who has well over 150 free hours a week--during his profession's 'high-season'--needed a few days off the birth of a child, and--another critical point--his wife, not Jeremy, had the baby. Walking into your manager's office and submitting that leave slip epitomizes audacity. Well done Jeremy.

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