Thursday, April 5, 2012

Watch how European Pau Gasol gets after Blake Griffin Dunks on Him

You've seen the highlight now play without sound and watch the post-dunk aftermath. Immediately after getting slammed on Gasol establishes his Euroness when rather than maintain his balance and walkaway in some Perkins/ Mozgovesque shame he theatrically extends the assault by flopping across the lane and rolling into DeAndre Jordan. You got dunked on some kind of awful. Stand your ground, this is the NBA, not Getafe v. Granada. Then to the refs: "Oh, but he push, he push me. He push my elbow. I beg you. Make call. Make call. I plea. He push my arm." Yeah bra, this is America. Our country isn't on the brink of economic collapse because the entire market system shut down to celebrate those two weeks David Guetta came to down. You just got American Exceptionalized.

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