Thursday, March 1, 2012

NBA Western Conference Regular Season Predictions

Prognostications for the West should be more accurate than those of the East because of the one extra day of games that DBSF has to work with. But then again the West doesn't have the Bobcats and Wizards, who considerably simplify the calculus of predicting a conference's outcome.

1. Oklahoma City Thunder (51-15)
Although they'll probably lose to the Heat in the Finals in five, the Thunder will establish them as this decades late 90's Utah Jazz. Two hall of famers and a more hirsute/ tan Jeff Hornacek in James Harden that can score without taking a lot of shots. Unfortunately for the Thunder DBSF predicts the reign of James to being this postseason. (Fortunately for them however DBSF also predicts James' reign to end in four or five years when Durant et al are all still in their late twenties so they should be able to win a handful before the next OKC emerges.)

2. San Antonio Spurs (43-23)
Too old to play a seven games series much less a series of seven game series. Spurs fall in the second round, but Popovich strategizes them to finish second in the regular season. The fact that he is able to consistently reach spectacular ends with such modest means suggests to DBSF that Popovich's brilliance is being sorely missed in other non-sports' areas of the social world.

3. LA Lakers (42-24)
This is tough to predict pre-trade deadline and is based on the current roster. Regardless of age or limitations at point guard Kobe Bryant remains the only NBA player of this generation worthy of the descriptor 'Jordanesque'.

4. Dallas Mavericks (40-26)
Last season was NY Giants 2007 and 2011 and Green Bay Packers 2010 level playoff peaking. If the Maverick's get Dwight Howard then they're a two/ three seed and losing in the conference finals for the next half decade.

5. LA Clippers (40-26)
DBSF is bullish on their dunk highlights but bearish on their ability to consistently beat good teams. Maybe in two or three years. Maybe not. They don't have the defense to contend with the Thunder so they should just take solace in being Sportscenter's most covered pretty good team.

6. Memphis Grizzlies (39-27)
The Grizzilies are DBSF's sleeper pick. They'll have one of the strongest second halves of the season (bear in mind that Zach 'Maaaaannnneee we gotta play again' Randolph is back in about a week), and won't lose in the playoffs until they face the Thunder.

7. Denver Nuggets (35-31)
The Nuggets are one of the NBA's more international teams with a Brazilian (Nene), a Spaniard (Rudy Fernandez), an Italian (Danilo Gallinari), a Russian (Timofey Mozgov), and a Greek (Kosta Koufos) [also an alt-urban American (Chris Anderson)]. The fact that they are represented by Brazil, albeit a growing international economic power, three European countries that might play the greatest role in destroying a continental economy and Russia--which gains points for having a president or prime minister or well a Putin that is the only national leader to be regularly pictured with his/ her shirt off but loses points for a seemingly sociocultural dependence on assassination and graft--bodes unwell for DBSF holding the Nuggets in higher esteem.

8. Houston Rockets (34-32)
You're out in one and you end up getting an early 20's first round draft pick, which almost always ends up being some 6'5" Big East or Big 12 upper class man that scored well in college but played the three/ four combo and, thus, suffers from physical limitations that inhibit the potential for professional success.

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  1. i like the hornacek/harden comparison. although harden wears plaid for cred and hornacek wore plaid for plaid