Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness--Premier Jour

Watching Harvard v. Vanderbilt and after decades of Princeton v. whoever was the two seed in the West, DBSF can unequivocally say that whatever team represents the Ivy League has the twelve best players at moving without the ball in the entire tournament. Unfortunately, the Ivy League also contributes the twelve worst players at moving with the ball so things kind of level out.

Papers are scattered in front of Charles Barkley to create the illusion that he prepared for tonight's telecast. That being said, he seems to be doing a pretty good job (i.e., 65%ish accurate) in discerning between Kenny Smith and Greg Anthony.

DBSF thinks it's a fair question to ask: How does it come to one becoming a Wichita State cheerleader? Like nothing wrong with it but if someone tells you: "Yeah, I cheer at WSU?" You: "WSU? Wash . . ." Them: "Wichita State." It's natural then to wonder how that came about.

Looking at Gonzaga's roster DBSF noticed a high percentage of French players and players from British Columbia, which made DBSF curious if they, Canadians, know that we, Americans, are 3am C-SPAN III's "Repeat of New Jersey State Senate: Budget and Appropriations Committee Panel (3/8/99)" interested in their regionalism. Just saying 'Canada' suffices. Except, of course, in the case of bachelor parties where the whereabouts of Montreal (up? down? middle'ish?) are of the utmost importance.

Interesting tattoo contrast between the Harvard/ BYUs and the Kansas State/ Long Beach States. In fact, DBSF fairly confident that there's a back-up guard on Kansas State with more neck tats than the entire Harvard roster. That type of neck-tattooing illustrates an admirable commitment to one's desired occupation (which ironically--and this is no time address certain time constraints imposed on student athletes by the NCAA as the March Madness tournament is supposed to be a time of hope and excitement for the athletes, and in cases of anomalous games for some players it is a time of grossly inflated delusional self-worth, which essentially explains any underclassmen in the final twenty picks of the second round of the NBA draft--is also back-up guard on Kansas State.)

Marquis Teague's mustache is mad Joe Dumars'ish. Also, if you squint your eyes while watching them and ignore that over 35% of their field goals are made it's hard to discern Kentucky from the Washington Wizards.

Apparently Baylor went with their AAU Vegas National's uniform. Baylor also strikes DBSF as a team that doesn't consider anything you can't "plea out of" a violation of team rules. Like literally Dorothy Day/ Catholic Worker Movement/ House of Hospitality inclusive. No finger pointing going on in the Baylor basketball recruitment room.

A set of first weekend South Regional games are hosted in Louisville, Kentucky at the KFC Yum! Center. Seeing as one of the more obese-friendly fast food chains sponsors a major state athletic facility, it should come as no surprise then that Kentucky is regularly rated as one of the five most obese states in the US. If it weren't for Mississippi--which is basically its own third world country (like the kind suffering from countless generations of severe destitute) but with a Cracker Barrel or Taco Bell on every corner and a population of SSI and worker's comp beneficiaries, which ironically provide just enough resources to transports to and from and to practice commerce at those franchises--then Kentucky--home of the K FCYum! Center--would likely reign supreme. 

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  1. +1 to college kids with non-ironic, computer lab mustaches