Thursday, March 8, 2012

Andray Blatche Support Network (volunteers)

Disparaging Andray Blatche is trending among fans who come to Wizards' games to Facebook and cheer for the opposing team. As a result, DBSF is effectively ending his on-going amicable derision of Blatche (which was always done in jest). Rashard Lewis recently said that he's never witnessed a player get booed as harshly by his home team as Blatche. That's the same Rashard Lewis, who is basically a 21st century version of any Russian protagonist in a 1980's war/ sports drama. He naturally spawns contempt from fans for making $20M a year while adhering to a strict religious belief that forbids anything other than baseline threes. 

But it was Andray's quote in a recent Washington Post article that led DBSF to create an Andray Blatche volunteer support network on Craigslist (North Gaithersburg).“Every time I touch the ball, I’m second-guessing. I’m trying to avoid the boos. Trying to play a perfect game so I don’t have to hear it so I can help my team win. It’s got to the point now where I come in and sub and the boos are coming. It’s not even a point of giving me a chance. I’m going to continue to try and work. Hopefully something will happen for me. I don’t know.” 

The constant booing indicates to DBSF that those attending Wizards' games fail to understand 'Dray's true value. In terms of a basketball player that provides consistent effort and contributes to wins 'Dray is very, well, Washington Wizardsly and of limited value. Rather, he entertains in his magnanimous deference to inclusiveness and the refusal to discriminate between 'good' and 'bad' shots. That and he invented the philosophy of "casual defense".


  1. they aren't saying "booooo" they are saying "shoooooot" like...shoot more, bro--you're really good!

  2. Dude reeks out da cheeks