Monday, March 26, 2012

Betty Draper/ Placenta=One A Day Women's

Being white and having attended college DBSF is naturally inclined to AMC's Mad Men, which aired its first episode last night after a 1.5 year hiatus. January Jones, who plays Betty Draper and if you don't watch the show means nothing but if you do watch the show she is usually considered the character most lacking in substance and depth but possesses a certain aesthetic appeal that makes her presence welcoming to the male audience at least, announced that after giving birth she called an audible--or, maybe went in to the drive with the specially-scripted play in mind, like it was some double end-around or something that's rarely used and demands exquisite planning and execution otherwise the badness of outcomes finds a way to exponentiate themselves--to have her placenta dehydrated and made into pill form, which she would later consume.

Jones's justification for the decision was that among other things "we're the only mammals who don't ingest our own placenta". DBSF has two reactions to these transpirings. First and assuming one is not suffering from psychosis or clinically extreme cases of antisocial behavior, there is perhaps no greater evidence that someone is the founder and current president of her own fan club than eating her own bodily emissions. Any quasi-rational, self-sustaining human being that believes that what is emitted still possesses value upon egress seems to be reveling in some perverted self-consecration. Second, the rational that we do something on the grounds that "humans are the only mammals that don't do [something that all other mammals do]" presents a pretty obvious logical fallacy. Perhaps, what January Jones failed to consider, that as humans are also the only mammals that possess rationality it is rationality that allows us to run some internal cost-benefit analysis on eating placenta where eventually we deduce that the primary pro of not having to eat placenta strongly outweighs the primary con of having to eat placenta. DBSF has to believe that the muskrat--and other non-human mammals--eat the placenta not because they prioritize it over other nutritious wetland fare but because as a mammalian rodent that lacks rationality the placenta is there and technically it can be eaten so, why not?


  1. Placenta smoothie.

  2. shit man put a little salt on that sonofabitch goes right down the hatch