Monday, March 5, 2012

Bron Bron: Sideline-Sniped

Up until yesterday DBSF was largely indifferent to older women that exhibit no interest in the spectacle before them sitting court-side at NBA games. Well there was a slight inclination toward a presumed under-appreciation on the women's part, which led  to DBSF thinking perhaps the 200 level or at least some luxury box might be more apropos as other individuals, DBSF being one, would be much more likely to savor the entertainment. (If curious as to why DBSF doesn't wholeheartedly view the older woman-court-side phenomenon in a pejorative manner it has to do primarily with moms/ aunts/ grandmothers who might want to--and deservedly so--see their son/ nephew grandson/ etc perform. Of course, the most superficial inspection indicates that the woman in this particular scenario is of no relation to LeBron, at least not biologically.)

But this all changed when at a critical point with a minute left in the game an older woman basically sideline-sniped Bron Bron--whom DBSF champions at a level commensurate to that of individuals, who prioritize on the national agenda the role that government has in directing how private insurers can compensate for contraceptives above that of establishing sociopolitical stability in the Middle East, ameliorating trade imbalances with China, or enhancing research on any marginally harmful disease, champion former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Besides the fact that this woman potentially seriously injured DBSF's favorite non-Wizard/ Asian American NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese decent , it's the reaction that is also irksome. She looks to take it as a personal affront with that denigrating scowl, like she was dining at the Ritz and the help just spilled a drink on her or something, and at the end of the clip she even seems to relish in LeBron's misfortune. To make matters worse DBSF has trouble believing that she appropriately appreciated the value of a $25K-plus Lakers' court-side seat seeing as she would likely rather have been reading her mystery book or watching PBS fiction programming.

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