Monday, July 25, 2011

Dennis Rodman--Ed Hardie'd Out; Yao's Parturition

Last night the Seattle Mariner's lost their 15th straight game. This came as big news to most sports fans, who didn't know that Seattle still had an MLB team. If Felix Hernandez ever leaves the Mariner's then they should be required to play at least a quarter of their games in double-A Southern League.

Yahoo! Sports covered Dennis Rodman's 50th birthday party (threw it two months late; why not?). DBSF is just glad to see that--even at 50--Rodman is still going full house in Ed Hardie couture--hat, shirt, sunglasses, fashionable bracelet (presumably).

The Minnesota Timberwolves are supposedly interviewing Bernie Bickerstaff to replace Kevin McHale. Considering that Bernie hasn't coached a winning team since the 1998 inaugural Washington Wizards team, and that he finishes above .500 about one-third of the seasons he coaches this should come as great news to every team in the NBA not called 'the Minnesota Timberwolves'. DBSF feels like Bickerstaff is perennially coaching either the Wizards, the TWolves, or some derivation of the two--the kind of team that wins as many games as the Patriots do in the regular season and playoffs combined, and remains dedicated to drafting 6'9" ultra-athletic UNC power forwards that don't like to bang, and don't/ won't/ can't develop a jump shot.

And finally, an homage to Yao with what represents perhaps the best birthing-recreation scene followed by the best "Yao Ming in a business suit, jet-skiing on a shark in a psychedelically pink East China Sea" scene.

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