Monday, May 16, 2011

Legit Man-Violence

The AP, among others, is reporting that former NBA don't-take-no-mess/ basically-reciprocate-anytime-opponents-rough-up-Jordan-and-or-other-talent forward Charles Oakley is suing a Vegas Casino after he was allegedly taken into his room and beaten by 5 security guards for causing some pool-side disruption.

DBSF has to believe that this was some grown-man ultraviolence. Besides the fact that he is 6'9" two-fifty, Oakley was one of the last old-school-Rick Mahorn-type players who exhibited minimal evidence of discriminating against violence on the basketball court.

Oakley wasn't some modern-day Denver Nugget hurling punches at the air hoping to flex some tatted muscles en route to enhanced street creed; he seemed to embrace physicality because physicality in itself was inherently good. Grant it, Oakley's 47 now, but DBSF doubts Vegas casinos send 5-man clubbing crews anytime benzoylmethyl ecgonine gets the better of Gucci-festooned SoCal trust fund beneficiaries.

Further, considering that Oakley is Michael Jordan's best bud, it probably wasn't in the best interest of Aria hotel and casino to potentially indirectly offend one of America's great gamblers.

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