Monday, May 9, 2011

DBSF Comps Week Edition

In the midst of field comps, DBSF lacks time and the cognitive fortitude to construct his normal galatically-altering prose. As such, he is quote-mailing it in (end quote). In the above clip, Andrew Bynum summed-up his career thus far. The often-injured but much-hyped Bynum takes out his frustration over getting swept by forearming an unsuspecting JJ Barea in the ribs on an otherwise uncontested lay-up.

Not only did Bynum fart in Phil Jackson's already spoiled last game by committing a foul that suggested Jackson had literally no control over his players. But, it also made DBSF think that Lakers' practices were way more Arched Rivals than Eastern philosophy meets American ultra-athleticism meets German precision.

Cheap-shotting the 5'10" Barrea is grounds for NBA-style Siberian exile in DBSF's book. In other words, Kevin Love should be a Laker and Bynum should suffer the Timberwolvian existence of perpetual winter only interupted to find out that after losing an NBA record 70 games, yet again you got the third overall pick (the worst-case scenario) and yet again you will be picking a 6'7" tweener who's exceptional collegiate athleticism fails to translate to the NBA, but does impress some scouts on Panathinaikos.

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