Monday, April 4, 2011

NCAA National Championship Reflections

Is the court raised with conventional metal and wood supports or hovercraft technology? The later seems more interesting from an engineering/ GI Joe perspective.

Butler Forward Matt Howard's shot fakes are of the elementary school variety.

Clark Kellogg's halftime prognosis was that in the second half players (on both teams presumably) were "going to want to make more shots". During that period CBS could have probably run another one of those Miller Lite ads where the goof ball commits some faux pas and is mockingly corrected by a bartender, who looks like she's the slightly less attractive sister of a Victoria's Secret model.

Butler is leading at half time despite none of their players stepping in the offensive paint yet.

The face paint on Butler band members screams Midwest/ minor-major.

If Nick Young and JR Smith ran a clinic on how to play team defense, the players from Butler and UConn didn't attend, and ended up attending some other clinic where they learned the exact opposite of the Young-Smith approach.

At half, the teams are a combined 15-65 with three assists. In NBA parlance, that's a three-game road trip for Brandon Jennings.

Butler has several no-tattoo line-ups. It's like the antithesis of the Denver Nuggets.

Probably the most Midwestern thing about Butler's game is all the falling--both teams, both sides of the ball. That and the mandatory 4-8 picks per possession all of which are of the knock-your-wind-out quality.

Jimmer Fredette wins the Naismith award. He looks like he would also make a good lacrosse player or Congressional intern.

Butler's lay-up line requires two passes prior to the lay-up. That comes as no surprise.

Butler goes 3-31 from 2's. That sounds like a late-90's LA Clipper's record coming into the All Star break.

There have been more exciting late-September NL Central divisional battles for 4th place . . .

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