Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Things: Sheed, Make-up Call, AI

First, Raasheed Wallace has joined the New York Knicks. Assuming Rasheed has some legs left/ isn't in Petron-shape this makes sense for 10-15 minutes of solid post-defense. But where else is it that DBSF heard about a PF or big man that on the offensive side of the court prefers the company of the perimeter and is zealot of the 'shoot your way out of a slump' ideology? That's right, half the Knicks' roster.

Second, the NBA plans to fine floppers. The players are all like, "Just another way for Stern to take a penny." The fans are all like, "Whatever. Why isn't there an NFL game on Tuesday and Wednesday nights?" DBSF's take? Classic Anti-Europeanism/ South Americanism. Flopping is a practice of futbolers, most of whom are of Euro and Argentinian/ Brazilian-descent. Maybe this is a make-up call for the no-jerseys, jewelry, or chains on the bench racism targeted at four-fifths of the league.

Thirdly,  every October DBSF listens to Jewelz aka Allen Iverson's "40 Bars" single because of it's obvious influence on Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Gang Starr et al. Well DBSF was caught by the following lyric: "For the year 2G the rap game change for one name/ Jewelz aim to slain anything on this plane/ Remains are found when the best kept secret get heated/ You went platinum wit a ghost writer, so in the game you cheated" To paraphrase Allen is saying that he's a rapper of significance and that some other unnamed rapper didn't write his/ her lyrics and, thus, is unworthy of merit. In between those two points Allen is pretty much incoherent. But is he? One more time: "For the year 2G the rap game change for one name/ Jewelz aim to slain anything on this plane" Slain anything on this plane? DBSF's thought? Terrorist. 

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  1. DBSF is the Mitt Romney of the rap game.

    I'm not sure what that means.