Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lendale White > Wade Boggs

DBSF has previously recognized professional athletes' acts of super-human consumption. In that pantheon Andre the Giant reigns supreme as he once allegedly drank something like 300+ beers in a sitting. Relative to Andre the other demi-gods all come off as mere mortals. There's footage of Charles Barkley guzzling what look like consecutive bottles of Petron, and Wade Boggs would supposedly drink 60-70 Miller Lites during cross-country flights. A new-to-DBSF posting alleges that Lendale White, who's best known as a former college stand-out at USC that ate--and apparently, now, drank--his way out of the first round and later the NFL, once downed 75 shots of Petron with Vince Young. White was listed at 245 but probably played closer to 280 so discount 10 of those shots on account of him equaling two regular-sized Eastern European males.

The post sheds light on other peculiar spending patters of the 2006-2008 Tennessee Titans. Supposedly, Vince Young would regularly run up a $5,000 tab at TGIFriday's. Now according to Yahoo! Answers the most expensive item on TGIFriday's menu is the Jack Daniel's Ribs and Shrimp at $24.02.Twenty-four oh-two goes into 5K almost 210 times. There are only 53 players on an active NFL roster so assuming that Vince took the entire team out to dinner (which the article doesn't state) and they all purchased two of the most expensive entrees and spent an additional $25 each on drinks or appetizers then Vince still managed to spend over $1K personally on Diddy Ups and Ultimate Long Island Iced Teas. What makes this even more extraordinary is that the $5K tab at that particular discount family chain restaurant was standard operating procedures for Vince. The post also claims that after home games Vince would go to Morton's and down $600 shots of Louis XIII. Vince likely rationalized this to himself along the lines of, "Hell, Fisher's gonna chew me a new one  for throwing for 138 yards and 3 pics but, hey, there's grounds for celebration--I picked up 45 on the ground and worked  on a weekend. Is it too early to get my Friday's on?"


  1. dude im with u i always thought that numbers are the future of everything

  2. Bone Crushers > Diddy Ups