Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DBSF Downgrades Wizards: No More Dray

DBSF is undeniably partial to Andray Blatche--easily his favorite Wizard since Tom Hammond or Chris Whitney that wasn't named Kevin Duckworth, Ledell Eckles, or LaBradford Smith. When Andray felt like playing and probably dedicated at least 10 hours over the last seven days to basketball-related activities or something resembling physical fitness he had Karl Malone potential. However most weeks after carefully calculating the cost-benefit of expending time and cardiovascular resources at a gym as opposed to a Washington-area discotheque and/ or his couch XBox'ing and/ or Sportscenter'ing the former caused so much blood on the Dray Blatche cost-benefit ledger that it was foolish to ever entertain such options.

Well now Dray is gone and DBSF appears to be the only Wizards' fan remotely affected. (That might also be because of the seemingly inherent singularity of Wizards' fandom. If you want to 'glass half full it' then it also might be reasonable to say that "all the Wizards' fan are--pardon, is--affected by Dray's departure".) Dray signed with the Nets, whom play in a city not exactly conducive to team and basketball commitment for players with an inclination to explore local night culture(s). Upon departing Dray left us/ DBSF one fleeting message:"It doesn't matter where u start it's where you finish". Two minutes later--the perfectionist that he is--Dray re-Tweeted us another, final, fleeting message: "It doesn't matter where you start it's where you finish". Always one to recruit more Dray Blatche fans DBSF will close with Dray's two best tweets from the last two months: "Who tryin to hoop we need more ppl" (August 25) and  "Just missed my flight" (July 28). So Dray.


  1. arenas took a crap in dray's shoes once

  2. Back in '91 I sold Tom Hammond a sports drink and washington post at a 7-11 in Ft. Washington. Probably the most important move I ever made.