Thursday, June 14, 2012

NBA Finals Prediction

Before the season started DBSF predicted the Heat would win it all. Down 1-0, the Heat will lose again tonight (by about 15ish?) but will win game 3 and take the series in 7. How DBSF sees it there are four factors necessary for a Heat win. Interestingly, most were met in game 1 and they lost.
  1. Battier and Mike Miller must combine for at least four threes. Miller has deteriorated to a non-entity so Battier will likely have to cover all or at least three of them.
  2. Russell Westbrook must take at least 20 shots. Westbrook is probably the second most athletical player in the NBA and arguably a top ten talent. But every shot he takes is a shot Durant and Harden don't. The Heat need him to get into those games where Westbrook tries to shoot himself out of a slump.
  3. Dwade needs to shoot 50%. After having his knee drained in the Pacers' series DWade appeared to back to superstar form. But after the Celtics's series and Tuesday night's game one DBSF is beginning to believe that Wade's knee injury is serious and he's not letting on. Forcing him to be a jump shot shooter that doesn't penetrate basically transforms a top ten player into Monta Ellis but with better D.
  4. Bosh must consistently knockdown jump shots (say over 40% from outside the paint) to keep Ibaka  out of the paint. When LeBron faces no second line of defense by the basket the Heat's offense becomes exponentially better.
LeBron and Durant are going to produce regardless of the game's circumstances to the point that they will likely offset each other (but with a slight edge to LeBron). The key for the Heat is getting Wade to negate Westbrook and enough of Harden and for the Heat's role players to extend the court so LeBron can get to the basket with being double-teamed.


  1. OMG I hope you didn't put this out too late!!! What if coach Spoelstra doesnt see this?!?!?!

  2. coach spo pre-game speeches terrify me i think he hates his team

  3. If that douchebag coach allows DWAde to bring the ball up in the fourth quarter again, I will personally kick his ass