Thursday, February 23, 2012

Washington Bullets: DBSF is Long on Improvement

There's room for improvement. Nobody can deny the virtually infinite upside that exists in the Washington Wizards. Skeptics will simply claim it's just regression to the mean, but DBSF sees excellent long-term growth. They're like Apple's stock in the late 1990's. Okay maybe not 'great' growth potential but absolutely no room for regression. So then maybe Apple isn't the best example. Perhaps then any publicly traded company that the Securities and Exchange Commission mandated that it be delisted from any and all equity trading markets.

DBSF loves this picture because nothing comprises the 'All good, I already played this game on XBox and we won' Wizards' culture.

JaVale took a lot of heat for this 'mishap'. People also forgot to point out that he dribbled backwards between his legs in the lane and faded away on a lay-up in the face a defender about a half a foot shorter. 

The above is probably DBSF's favorite Bullet's highlight since . . . 

Then last night JaVale reminded Bullets' fans that sometimes it's actually possible to miss Christian Laettner. 

Aaaannnddddd, that everyone misses the Tom Gugliotta touch pass . . 

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