Thursday, February 9, 2012

DBSF is really trying to go snowboarding with this bro

This bro seems like he knows where all the awesome trails are and like knows about the epic after-parties where he's got a friend that spins Afro-Cuban-fused house beats and he's got a couch you can crash on but it's not actually his place, it's his buddy's place and he crashes on the couch in the den but his buddy is totally chill so it's cool if you want to crash for a week or whatever on the couch in that other room in the basement and his buddy (the one with the house/ den/ couch/ couch) has this awesome Labrador -something mix named Roscoe or something that is awesome and loves going out in the snow but you just have to remember if you let him out to run around you can't nod off with the dog out there because it gets way cold at night. This dude also likely stashes his day's supply of pot in his hat or a sock.

And what's up with Eli? He can win his second Superbowl MVP and is from a family of reasonable means but he can't own his own suit? Literally looks like he borrowed Peyton's suit and recognizing that the little brother wouldn't care for the suit as the older brother would like, Peyton gave him some Filene's Basement back-of-the-closet, TJ Maxx-tailored adjustable-cut, vanity-sized blazer.


  1. I respect your transition from college park brah dude at Bentlys to riverdale hipster at S&Js.

  2. a few things here folks--

    1.ian mckaye used to be a riverdale hipster until he folded under rich kid pressure. didn't see woodhead partying his dick off with gronk and the bros superbowl night--nope--he was blllaaaaazzzzziiiinnn with woodfork 100%

    3.i love eli even more because he finally has a chance to be cool and his ties keep getting WIDER