Monday, February 13, 2012

Jeff George Tribute

DBSF will say it. Jeff George is attractive. Jeff George understands fashion. DBSF means Jeff George understands fashion in one of those avant-garde, before its time type of fashion. But like way, way before its time. Like maybe a few centuries-plus before the fashion can be understood much less appreciated. (In fact, appreciation in itself might demand a few more decades.)

High and Tight: DBSF calls this one 'high and tight' because those side burns are high and tight.

Borrowed Suit Jeff George: Jeff George probably borrowed a suit for draft day. On a side note, DBSF has to believe that Jeff George has one of the best half-smiles of the 1990 NFL draft.

Central Florida Prisoner: DBSF calls this one 'Central Florida Prisoner' because Jeff George here looks like your standard Central Florida inmate that's doing two dimes in a fairly secure penal institution for armed robbery, assault with intent to harm, and possession with intent to distribute large amounts of any number of over the counter prescriptions that can be concocted into some form that induces rapid tooth decay and delusions that result in hand-drawn dagger tattoos on conspicuous body parts.

This Breeze feels Good: DBSF call this 'This Breeze feels Good' because Jeff George seems to be appreciating that breeze.

Symmetry: DBSF calls this 'Symmetry' because of Jeff George's impressive symmetry on his mustache and his elongated--in the horizontal as opposed to vertical sense--rat-tail.

Let's meet for Drinks: DBSF calls this one 'Let's meet for Drinks' because it looks like Jeff George is saying 'Hey, hey you. Let's meet for drinks.' The other name DBSF was thinking for this one was 'Let's meet for drinks at my place' because DBSF thinks Jeff probably wanted to meet for drinks back at his place. But that half smile kind of implies 'back at my place' so DBSF deferred to the more truncated version. That being said once back at his place DBSF has to think Jeff George has an impressive light-dimming system installed and some quasi legal hi-jinx planned.

Never Give Up: The haircut goes when you say it goes. Inspiration.


  1. jeff george: big arm, short fuse, contemptuous stache.

    brother had CONTEMPT. respect.

  2. A man who knew what he wanted. Nothing more could be said.

  3. Some men walk this planet demanding respect. Geoff George is one these men. Bro to the core!

  4. Single mothers of Ashburn never stood a chance.