Monday, February 6, 2012

Highlights from Jeremy Lin's 25-7-5 Night

DBSF has been following Jeremy Lin since his Junior year at Harvard when he was almost a 20-5-5 guy. While the speed of Ivy League ball lacks that of most other D1 conferences, Lin looked like Nash so DBSF paid attention. Last year at Golden State as a rookie he was efficient in the little time he got but there were too many guards for him to make an impact. So DBSF was quite pleased when the Knicks with no active, true point guard on the roster turned to Lin on Saturday. Over 35 minutes Lin brought the Knicks back while cooking Deron Williams.

DBSF noticed a few things from the highlight below. For example, DBSF is pretty sure that at 3:41 Carmelo Anthony is being racist and bows like a samurai to Lin as he comes to the bench. At 5:32 Lin is taking some free throws--probably not a weakness. At 6:31, some fan drew a Lin poster--again, kind of racist. Finally, watch the post-game interview. Starting around 6:40 you see a black security guard staring down Lin. The guard seems to be contemplating the implications of the increasing participation and success of Asian Americans in the NBA. The guard appears to foresee an inauspicious future.

DBSF can't help but love Lin's appreciation for below the basket aerials, and even if he can't repeat Saturday's performance his past should grant more post-basketball career opportunities than the standard options of playing lower-tiered quasi-pro ball in the Caribbean (i.e., Iverson), incarceration (i.e., Oliver Miller et al), professional pin ball (i.e., Todd MacCulloch), or penury (i.e., all not in the three aforementioned ventures).

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