Monday, January 23, 2012

JR Smith & the CBA: Optimism

As it becomes more and more apparent that his People's Republic of China (PRC) basketball team won't let JR Smith return to America until the Chinese Basketball Association's (CBA) season concludes in March and that no NBA team will let JR shoot the ball  40+ times a game DBSF has resigned to accept a 2012 of professional American basketball sans one JR Smith. If he wishes to see JR in action DBSF must either follow gritty recordings on Youtube or travel to the PRC and witness JR first hand. Considering the twenty-some hour, quadruple layover, economy flight necessary for US-Sino navigation DBSF recognizes that the former isn't likely to happen.

But there is some room for optimism. For those that don't frequent either because of american-centrism/ xenophobia or because of fear that hard drives will become infested with a virus that results in incessant pop-ups apparently promoting low-cost Japanese ring tones, JR is shooting over 48% from threes in the CBA. See here in lies a great benefit of JR playing in the CBA and not the NBA--objective measures and standards don't exist in the PRC. Currency valuation? Unemployment levels? Housing prices in comparison to median incomes? In the PRC none of this matters. The government just makes it up. So who cares if JR is shooting 28% from downtown. JR thinks JR shoots 50% so the CBA marks him for half. If you want to appease a potentially disgruntled American player simply give him the stats he wants. (4.3 assists per game? Eh eh.) If he were back stateside with the Nuggets JR would be battling with Al Harrington for zero-pass, six seconds into the shot clock contested threes. But in China JR seems to have found a community that celebrates his mien if not his actual achievements.

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