Thursday, January 26, 2012

Highlights from Louisville Basketball Players' Bios

DBSF was doing some research on college basketball when he inadvertently came across bios on the University of Louisville's men's basketball team. Documenting 19 year old's thoughts and personal philosophies is probably not that much of a mistake considering other social media outlets but that didn't mean there wasn't something to learn.

Gorgui Deing (C) wears number 10 because "the best players in sports wear than number". While all time greats, like Walt Frazier and Earl the Pearl wore #10, contemporaries include Keith Bogans and Joel Przybilla, who may or may not still be playing in the NBA/ professional basketball/ working in some capacity related to basketball/ living. (Grant it, Dieng is from Senegal, and as a foreigner he is allowed to believe that Lionel Messi (#10) is the greatest player.)

Kyle Kuric (G/F/ bro) would most like to meet "Michelangelo". Obvious time, space and language factors will likely impede Kyle from achieving this goal. Interestingly, if Angel Nunez (G/F) could meet anybody--literally any living, dead, fictitious, whatever, you call it--he would like to meet Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway. From the glass-is-half-full perspective in contrast to Kuric, Angel has what one has to classify as an 'achievable goal'. It’s called the Mall of Memphis. Anfernee is probably in the food court right now. Like by the Sbarro waiting for his Hawaiian to heat-up.

Chris Smith (G), who despite having the rosary neck tattoo, earns DBSF 'favorite Louisville Cardinal' distinction for listing as his favorite player as no other than JR Smith. DBSF's pride in Chris's selection was somewhat mitigated upon learning that his other favorite player is Baron Davis, which makes Chris--save Baron Davis's immediate family--the only person that lists Baron Davis as their favorite basketball player.

Some other slightly less noteworthy findings include that Wayne Blackshear's (G/F) favorite website is "Google", which DBSF can't deny is a solid if not imprecise selection, and most everyone on the team majors in sports administration (i.e., is planning a basketball-related career), lists the Bible as their favorite book (i.e., not a lot of readers, definitely the most nameable book), and over the last ten or so years XBox appears to have teetered over the line from pastime into lifestyle. 


  1. this is artful. i like how the kid who loves JR Smith is getting a head start on doing me

  2. Well done. Penny probably dominates some Sbarro's.

    Other #10 notables: Pele, Maradona, Ronaldinho.

    Sort-of-notables: Andre Dawson, Eli Manning, College Vince Young.

    Not-so-notables: Brady Quinn, Coco Crisp.