Monday, January 30, 2012

Bron Bron: Getting Aerial

Only LeBron James's achievements get qualified for his fantastic athleticism. On Sportscenter this afternoon commentators were discussing his alley-oop postering of John Lucas III, and the anchors and analysts claimed that the dunk wasn't that great, that Shawn Kemp had hundreds more impressive, that Vince Carter jumping over a Frenchman a decade or so ago set the bar for superiority, etc. But the commentators ignore two factors. First, as with all of his movements LeBron exhibits a Joe Dimaggioesque ability to make exceptionally complex plays appear routine. Notice that he goes from a slow walk at the three point line into three casual steps and then catches a ball thrown almost to the point where the top of the box extends to the edge of the backboard. He makes what in a dunk contest with nobody else on the court would be an awful alley-oop pass appear perfectly positioned. Second, and most importantly, LeBron shows that with a defender--albeit, a 5'11" one--in position and attentive to the offense's play he, LeBron, can get the ball anywhere in an increasingly vast set of physical dimensions and convert it into a field goal. Perhaps what is most impressive (and most ignored) is that LeBron was able to do all of this without getting injured and  while maintaining his balance upon landing. (Note that mid-flight Lucas III basically undercuts LeBron, who reacts as if having both feet physically removed is of no consequence and manages to locate the ball, score and re-position himself for an easy landing.)


  1. wilbon such a clown--one handed is absolute ridic. cray, actually

  2. You are a Bron apologist! The bro 'he dunked on' is 5'11. Next time lets analise all the bros that dunked on Spudd Webb while we are at it. He caught an alley and dunked it in, a short dude happened to be in the way.

    Stop being a Bron apologist! Shawn Kemp has 19 snitches and 20 kids. The rain man dunks again and again and again, on and off the court!