Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roethlisberger’s Hat & Nick Young's Stamina

After losing 20-3 to the San Francisco 49ers on Monday night, Steeler’s QB Ben Roethlisberger sported this hybrid fedora during pre-game and the post-game news conference. It looks like if Fox Head and Urban Outfitters collaborated on head-wear. It's probably been worn to several Long Island gym-based  chest, shoulders, and tris sessions. (Let;'s be honest. Nobody's lifting legs

In a Washington Post article on the Washington Wizard-Bullets getting swept for their first—albeit two game—pre-season since 1991-92, Nick Young captured his essence as only he could, and explains why there is such disparity in the NBA between 8-10 elite teams and the 4 or 5 Conference USA runner-up caliber teams. “This lockout caught up to me today,” Young said after going just 3 of 10 from the field. “I got tired kind of early.” It’s the second game of the preseason. Every NBA player that didn’t go back to college or barn-stormed in celebrity tournaments, played professional basketball abroad during the lock-out. Somehow—and to no fault of his own, of course--Nick Young was shocked to learn that not only would the season commence, but that there was this assumption about players maintaining some degree of professional decorum and staying in shape.

It was announced that a former Golden State Warriors’ employee is suing Monta Ellis and the team for sexual harassment after Monta allegedly texted the women sexually-suggestive messages and the occasional dick-pic. Like everyone else DBSF strongly opposes workplace harassment of any kind but its good to see sexting has picked back up after that University of New Hampshire national study showed rates dropping to 1%.

And in case you were wondering--the jersey may change but the face mask stays the same. Do you Rip Hamilton. Do you.

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  1. #realtalk nick young was disappointed the lockout ended