Monday, December 12, 2011

Bring Back JR Smith

DBSF gets it China. When a foreigner--in this case an American--signs a contract to play in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), and the contract explicitly states that he cannot leave his team--even if the NBA season begins, and even if he is averaging almost twenty-two a night--until the end of the CBA season in March that in theory he should honor that contract. It’s one thing for you to flex that Sino-audacity w/r/t environmental non-regulation, seigniorage and other forms of currency manipulation; but, it’s a whole different beast to basically kidnap JR Smith and not let him return to America so he can hoist an average 0.68 shots for every offensive possession he is on the court, and to celebrate that 4-9 night from behind the arc at whatever of Denver's over-priced urban-themed night club he is fancying at the moment (i.e., "JR Smith night-life zeitgeist"). Watching JR's first offensive possession in China--JR dribbles up the court, goes between the legs three times while unguarded then hoists a 35-foot three--metastasizes DBSF's angst. (But, if there's one thing that calms DBSF's soul and lets him know that JR is somewhat okay, it’s that on every fast break not only does JR pull up for a long three but he never even thinks to look to his open teammates with arms raised on the wing.) China, we gave back Yao Ming when he broke. Don’t plan on reciprocating with JR.


  1. JR Smith is the black Tamir Goodman.

  2. tamir goodman coming out party at cole field house? 4-41 FG. it's said that you can shoot yourself out of a slump. you can also shoot yourself into a slump.