Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why is it a problem?

The Manti Te'o hoax/ non-hoax/ whatever looks to be finally coming to a close. After all the interviews and ESPN coverage with excellent analysis from experts on non- and quasi-existing and/ or imagined human beings we've learned nothing other than what we knew when it began--Te'o was either the victim of a ploy that is the basis of 80% of MTV's current programming or he made it up, which is of 'Kardashian perspective on monetary policy' significant.

What is interesting however is that Te'o's made/ non-made-up girlfriend is affecting his draft status  . . . and adversely! There are rumors that he could fall out of the top ten and into the second round. Now any number of Oakland Raider LBs or NFL players' whose names rhyme with Boethlisberger give means to suspect a player on criminal grounds, especially in the latter case if the criminality involves women.

But do you know how many imaginary GFs have been assaulted, pushed or served as a co-complainant in some public intoxication escapade? Probably not too many. So any time a potential NFL player decides or is duped into believing that an imaginary GF or, heck, an imaginary entourage exists then it can only be a bonus for an NFL organization because any disturbance, violence or general deviance associated with that player can only be self-imposed. Yeah, bro, yell at that non-existent friend all you want. Heck, kill him/ her and recreate him/ her once you get over it. If nothing the imaginary GF fiasco should increase Te'o's draft stock.

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