Thursday, January 31, 2013

Steve Nash Haircuts: A Retrospective

Euro-by-way-of-Argentina midfielder-cut.

What are labels? What is "emo"? I play emotional rock music.


This is the "I was a Vivid mule for much of the late 90's. Did like 180 movies between '98 and '02" look. Sadly, that's the same same haircut of the guy overdoses on H in '04 but slightly less sadly, a few months prior he procured a pretty wicked used Dodge Viper, which went close to a month without getting totaled.

Post-Aniston Rachel-cut--same bounce, less layering.

This is the haircut of every white guy that can reeeaallllly hoop. None of that white-chocolate styling--straight fade on the bottom, reasonably neatly cropped on top.

Also, Ravens 29 - 49ers 21 . . .