Thursday, January 17, 2013

Draft, Action "Sports" et al Stuff

Virginia Tech QB Logan Thomas told the team that he will return for his fifth and final season with the Hokies . Prior to the Russell Athletic Bowl--which if media organizations, like Yahoo! or the AP didn't want to be condescending would just say "prior to a bowl game"--Thomas was undecided on entering the draft and was waiting to hear if the "draft advisory board suggested he could be a first-round draft choice". Presumably this was a draft for the armed services as Thomas's accuracy wouldn't qualify him for the first round a UFL Supplemental Draft.The Yahoo! article goes on to state that "early draft projections had him ranked highly among quarterbacks because of his size and running ability, which have drawn comparisons to Cam Newton." In other words he's a bigger, black QB with better mobility than Jared Lorenzen. As after that the similarities with Newton cease.

Also the action "sports" world received a shock when its only other non-Kelly Slater name, Shaun White, announced that he won't be competing in skateboarding in 2013 so he can focus on snowboarding half-pipes. This news came as a serious concern for some. Yes, there are minor global political and economic inconveniences, like the US Government potentially defaulting on its financial obligations for the first time in over thirty years, the Syrian government allegedly using chemical weapons against its own people, and primarily foreign Islamists potentially conquering an entire African nation, but more importantly a 26 year old from Carlsbad needs to take time off his busy skateboarding schedule to refocus his professional goals on snowboarding, which to 99.99999% of the world is skateboarding on snow.

Finally, with only three NFL games left there's no point in not projecting Conference Championships, however based on last week, this should serve as a guide to bet on the opposite outcome: San Fran 23 -- Atlanta 17. Bearish on Kaepernick. Bearerish on Atlanta sports in general. New England 27 -- Bahl-i-murr 24. Brady is a machine and it will likely come down to the last play, which hopefully won't end with a Brazillian supermodel in a luxury box jumping up and down while clutching a bottle of water and a purse the cost of a public school principal's annual salary.

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