Thursday, November 1, 2012

NBA Week 0.5 Recap

The NBA's decision to schedule Miami-Boston during Wizards-Cavaliers was an insult to the latter team's fans. We already know how far our organizations are from contending. When there's only one other game to flip between it looks like we're  watching two different leagues--Earl Barron wouldn't be allowed in Miami's weight room much less on their team..

NBA owners locked-out it's players last year because the owners felt players took too great a share of revenue. Explain then why one year later, DeMar DeRozan, whose numbers declined in virtually every major category between his second and third seasons, landed a $40 million extension from an organization that hasn't smelled the faintest fart of winning in his three seasons with the team? To top that off Stephen Curry, who's promising offensively but has the ankle structure of a newborn foal, gets a $44 million extension? Either re-negotiations for local TV contracts are projecting far greater revenue for organizations than they were last year, or in 2016-17 when the two sides can opt out of the current collective bargaining agreement DeRozan/ Curry will be their generation's Rashard Lewis/ Arenas for that negotiation.

You have to believe that Juwan Howard saw the Heat's championship ring presentation as his final opportunity for regaining high-income employment. He looked like he approached that 15 minutes like he was lobbying for a major stake in federal highway appropriation funding. Those last two decades of family planning have resulted in a substantial portion of ol' Juwan's wages getting garnished.


  1. really enjoyed the bit about stephen curry's ankle

  2. DeRozan explanation right here (at the 0:27 mark):

    That's worth forty mulligans right there.