Monday, May 21, 2012

Protesting Kerry Wood's Final "Strikeout"

Coming in with an 8.3-plus ERA, Kerry Wood's final "strikeout" of Dayan Viciedo arouses a degree of suspicion for DBSF. Unless "Dayan Viciedo" is Spanish for "Adam Dunn", which DBSF doubts is the case seeing as Viciedo is a career .270 hitter, then it seems odd that the Cubs' reliever, who functioned primarily as in-game BP for opponents during the 2012 season, could retire Viciedo on only three pitches (the last of which you will notice just makes it to home plate).

Consider that the "strikeout" came in the midst of what is now a 7 game hitting streak where Viciedo raised his batting average from below the Mendoza line to almost .250 and was after four straight games with an RBI. During this 7 game period Viciedo struck out only once besides his Wood's "strikeout". Delving further into the more esoteric baseball statistics--the kind which blur the line between baseball enthusiast and someone that has accomplished off the charts D&D Nature and Healing skills--you see that Viciedo strikes out in less than one and four at-bats.

Perhaps it was just an off-game for Vicieddo? Ironically his only other at-bat in the game was a hit off Jeff Samardzjia, who was in the midst of a 2.00 ERA May. Somehow Wood's bounce passes seemed to be too much for an otherwise hot batter. The "strikeout" was made all the more troubling by the fact that Wood's kids runs on the field to hug him, which DBSF believes is in direct violation of MLB rules after the fiasco with Dusty Baker's son a decade ago.

All DBSF is saying is that if you're going to script a monumental pitch then follow the structure of the definitive baseball movie--Summer Catch. Have Freddie Prinze, Jr come in the game in a Kerry Wood jersey and have Ken Griffey Jr. play in  Dayan Viciedo's jersey and demolish a first pitch 400 foot-plus home run. 

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