Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brandon Marshall Physical Altercation w/ Men to Women Ratio (Updated)

DBSF has documented former Broncos' and Dolphins' and current Bears' WR Brandon Marshall's run-ins with the law. (To save you time from clicking on and reading the hyperlink, authorities have been alerted for standard issues--attempting to return stolen bedwear to Burlington Coat Factory, having his dad attempt to run him, Brandon, over with his, his Dad's, car, and so on.) So it shouldn't have come as much news then that earlier this month, Marshall was alleged to have gotten into a physical altercation with a woman at a New York City Night Club.

However for DBSF this most recent event piqued interest because it increases Marshall's ratio of physical altercations with women: men. At last count (see the first hyperlink), the approximate 6'4" 230 lb Marshall had been in 6 physical altercations with women to 0 with men (i.e., 6:0). Now Marshall will likely challenge this initial ratio and suggest that it should be more in the 5:1 or 5.5:0.5 range as he initially claimed that one incident in which he suffered severe lacerations to his hand was the result of rough-housing with his brother and accidentally falling through a glass TV entertainment system. Unfortunately, anybody who steals from Burlington Coat Factory and attempts to return items for profit fails to pass muster for most accepted measures of character/ probity so DBSF is going to leave the ratio at 6:0.

This most recent incident increases the ratio to 7 alleged physical altercations with women and still 0 with men. Considering that the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence cites a paper suggesting that about only one-fourth of physical domestic assaults go reported, its reasonable then to increase Marshall's ratio to somewhere around 28:0. For those with an elementary understanding of statistics or probability this increase to the side of the ratio with the number in conjunction with no change to side with no number means that if we wanted to extrapolate expectations on Marshall's future physical altercations from the data then it is reasonable to infer that Brandon Marshall will continue to focus on fighting women while maintaining his principle to never raise a hand to men.