Monday, May 7, 2012

Andrei Kostitsyn: Most Dangerous-looking would-be Killer in Professional Sports

Presumably Nashville Predator's forward Andrei Kostitsyn doesn't want to kill you or anyone else. (Although DBSF should note that him being Russian likely inclines Kostitsyn to being much more indifferent to human existence than other socioethnic groups so if it were to come down to him perceiving that he has been sufficiently aggrieved to justify murder then in running his personal cost-benefit calculus of another human's life he likely values the 'cost' of a human life at a disproportionately lower amount than that of more accepted standard estimates, such as the federal government's value of a statistical life.) That being said, if  Kostitsyn did want to kill you he looks as though he is the professional athlete that would execute homicide in the most unpleasant manner. DBSF just gets the feeling that it would be very medieval and that long-forgotten and -shunned contraptions would likely be incorporated.

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  1. your run on sentence game has reached new heights. may god have mercy on the man who ends up having to read your thesis.