Thursday, March 17, 2011

NCAA Tourney Day 1 Reactions

Penn State-Temple presented perhaps the most stark contrast between the first 39:30, which were very intra-division AFC North in November boring, and the last 30 seconds, which was Cal-Stanford '82 exciting.

BYU without Brandon Davies is Wofford.

After Kentucky forward Josh Harrellson blocked a Princeton player's shot, DBSF believes he saw the Princeton player mouth "It's all good. I'll tell my Dad to sell the manufacturing company your family works for to a Chinese conglomerate tonight. I hope the Missouri Walmart is hiring." On second thought, the Princeton player probably didn't start with "It's all good".

If you thought Charles Barkely put in minimal preparation for NBA on TNT he puts in even less for the NCAA on TNT. Don't kid yourself, these are the first NCAA games Barkley's watched since his Auburn days.

Kansas State is playing in middle school gym uniforms.

That has to be one of the worst return on investments all time. John Calipari spent all that money on that Kentucky team only to beat an Ivy League co-champion in the last 4 seconds. Also, DBSF was worried that his cheering for Princeton made him racist. But, then he remembered that he's been cheering against all Utah-based colleges since Keith Van Horn.

As of the end of day one, DBSF correctly called both the Richmond and Morehead St. upsets. But, he also called UNC-ASheville, UC Santa Barbara, Northern Colorado . . . it was his upset bracket, all lower seeds moved on until Boston University played Hampton in both of their first NCAA Championship appearances and the teams tied in the first ever octuple overtime. Division 1 college basketball was then placed on a three-year moratorium. (The bracket didn't ask about the moratorium; DBSF wrote it in under CBS and Ford F-150 advertisements.)

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