Thursday, March 24, 2011

NCAA Sweet 16 Day 1 Reactions

Jimmer Fredette could be a phenomenal scorer in the NBA. Unfortunately, even LeBron doesn't get to shoot the ball 31 times a game. In the meantime, Jimmer will have to find a way to get open and make around half of the 2 or 3 shots he get in the last two minutes of the 1st quarter and in garbage time if he doesn't want to hear the Adam Morrison comparisons.

There's also the other side of the basketball court. Imagine Jimmer trying to guard Kyrie Irving. That's right, lay-up line.

Kemba Walker's step-away to open up his jump shot is Baryshnikovian. Poems should be written about it. 15 year olds with the Justin Bieber haircut should wax eloquently about it to their sweet somethings to get to first base.

DBSF is voting Arizona in as the 8-seed in the Eastern Conference for this year's NBA playoffs.

Jimmer Fredette and Chandler Parsons combined for 6-28 from threes. That should debunk some racial stereotypes about whites that Larry Bird, Steve Kerr, Dan Majerle, Jeff Hornacek, and Tim Legler spent decades chucking to establish.

Arizona's Derrick Williams is LeBron minus the passing, ball handling, and baseline to baseline speed. Worst case scenario, an NBA team drafts a Wilson Chandler/ Channing Frye type--a little more assurance than the Kwame Browns, Patrick O'Bryants, and Hasheem Thabeets could guarantee.

Butler forward Matt Howard's elbow brace looks more Randy "Macho Man" Savage than Allen Iverson.

The volume in the arena for the second half of the Butler-Wisconsin game was somewhere between arboretum and late morning in an American Airlines Admirals Club Lounge.


  1. Oh, 2-time NBA Champion Adam Morrison? Love that guy.

  2. ya man i seen adam morrison's girfriend. busted real talk

  3. oh yeah and real talk again--when kwame was a rookie he didn't know about dry cleaning so every time he wore a suit he would buy a new one instead of clean it. true

  4. My favorite Kwame story was when Jordan would disapprove of Kwame's effort or results in practice and then punt balls into the stands and make him go fetch them.

    MJ is cold blooded.