Thursday, March 3, 2011

BYU: #1 in NCAA's Men's Basketball Calvinism Poll

I categorize all three of you as quote poor decision makers end quote. You just go to the tattoo parlor throw a dart at the wall, and go "Give me that one", don't you?

After it was announced yesterday that BYU had suspended Brandon Davies, its second best player, for the rest of the season for hooking up with his GF, DBSF got to thinking about college programs that grant their player's slightly more discretion in the life decision process. It probably comes as a shock that some college basketball players and coaches (i.e., Bruce Pearl) have committed more egregious errors than Davies, yet they received weaker penalties.

For example, Baylor guard LaceDarius Dunn was suspended 3 games this season for allegedly breaking his girlfriend's jaw. University of Connecticut suspended players indefinitely for stealing laptops.

Mississippi State suspended Reynardo Sydeny 1 game for getting in a fist fight with his own teammate between games in a tournament, and the NCAA suspended UConn head coach Jim Calhoun 3 games next season for "for failing to create an atmosphere of compliance within his program" (in other words he cheated, and for a long time).

Bear in mind that these infractions don't include the perennial violator, John Calipari, who demands payment for his athletes and believes that the ability to spell represents too burdensome a qualification for higher education. In other words, Kentucky (Calipari): BYU :: JR Rider : AC Green.


  1. so the kid stinkpalmed his girlfriend big deal