Monday, February 7, 2011

President Obama's Superbowl Party Guest List.v2

(Disclaimer: DBSF is an unabashed Marc Anthony fan, and with the exception of that song "Jenny from the Block", the movies Jersey Girl, Gigli, Shall We Dance, Monster-in-Law . . . okay basically every movie she's done after Selena except for Anaconda and Made in Manhattan he's indifferent to Jennifer Lopez.)

The internet is reporting that along with members of Congress, big city Mayors, high-ranking members of the Obama administration, and the cast of Pardon the Interruption, the President invited JLo--or, Jennifer Lopez--and her husband, Marc, to the White House Superbowl party.

DBSF has to wonder how JLo made the guest list. Considering that 2004 happened 7 years ago, there had to be a more trending celebrity to invite. (Like, was Kevin Federline not available or something?) It seems that Obama's out-of-college aids made a gaffe in this selection. If DBSF was advising the President and First Lady on a celebrity couple to invite, he'd say: "Two words--Burt Reynolds. He don't need a date. Invite him twice."


  1. What about that guy that does lip syncing from his bedroom? I vote for him.