Thursday, February 10, 2011

Forgotten Legends: "Big Country" Bryant Reeves

Every so often DBSF relies on visual media, usually because the day's meeting with the creative team resulted in content consisting of either ironic musings on OJ Mayo, or a scientific notationally-detailed analysis of Luis Scola's free throw shooting over the last month. Since there's only so much you can say about a Memphis Grizzlie's bench player, like Mayo, DBSF decided that its time to go visual with a biopic on a former Vancouver Grizzlie's bench player, Bryant "Big Country" Reeves.

If you don't remember Reeves, he was the fair-skinned human-archipelago that led Oklahoma State to the Final Four in 1995. He was to celerity what 'From Justin to Kelly' was to high art. Think Kendrick Perkins' white twin; but, less svelte. If this still fails to ring a bell, below DBSF presents a pictorial review with gratuitous and unsolicited commentary.

"Run? N'ah. That's all you dude. I'll make it up when I make it. I don't care if you're my coach or the other team's coach. Big Country don't run in the second half."

"Yeah. N'ah. I wanna play from here. No, just pass me the ball. I don't wanna get up. Heck, yeah I've played basketball before, I know what out of bounds is. Let's just see if the ref's don't notice."

"Coach, fans, enjoy it. Only time Big Country's sprinting up the court tonight. That's what time outs are for--give ol' Bryant a chance to get down to the other side with the boys."

"I told them people at Tops one thing--don't make my head look big. I said 'don't make me look like I gotta big head'. Explain to me how my head next to a basketball looking like an orange isn't making my head look big?"

"Seriously. N'ah, seriously. I ran twice last quarter. We got like 4 or 5 other guys on the court. Let one of them little guys do some running. I'll make it down every 5 plays; I'm our special teams."


  1. Jimmy Connolly plays hoops? Who knew.

  2. Let's stick to the facts. Big Country was perhaps not one of the NBA's prominent, top skilled players, but tha fact remains that not only did he play in my homecity, Vancouver, my province, B.C., and my native country, Canada, but he was one of the most powerful players on the Grizzlies team due to good rebounding, and tha fact that lookit, he's 7'2, 225+ pounds, and wit dat in mind, considering most players ain't dat big, 'cept fo' Shaq and Shawn Bradley, do u really think u can stop a kat dat big? C'mon now ya'll Shootin' ain't all whut tha N.B.A's about ya'll Respect to Rahim, Bibby, and Blue Edwards. Stay up ya'll! Intellectual Zion Kid, 6.0.4. Click rap crew VanCity, B.C.