Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cleveland Cavaliers--History, Future, and the Future-Present

After last night's loss to the Indiana Pacers, who had fired their coach 2 days earlier ironically over concerns of futility, the Cleveland Cavaliers dropped their 22nd straight game. As of today the Cav's have not won a game since 2010. In fact, their last win was December 18 against the Knicks. To give you some perspective on this losing streak (besides it encompassing like 19+ generations of Monarch butterflies) DBSF thought it appropriate to review 5 events of the world of 45 days ago.

1) Only two college football bowl games had been played. Northern Illinois and BYU beat UTEP and Fresno State, respectively on the opening day of the 2010 bowl season. Or, they beat some other teams, or two other teams played. Honestly, it was the New Mexico Bowl and the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl, DBSF is highly suspicious that any of the involved school's Sport's Media Contacts called in the scores.

2) Tunisia was Egypt and Egypt was just seasonably warm.

3) 23 NFL teams were still eligible for the playoffs.

4) There were 10 unbeaten teams in the AP top 25 in men's NCAA basketball, and most American's thought a Jimmer Fredette was either a Louisiana IHOP dish or a sexual move too repulsive to demand explanation.

5) "Two and a Half Men": on-schedule for production.

But, is there any hope? The brightest spot on the Cav's schedule is a home game against the Wizards in 10 days considering that the Wizards have lost all 25 of their away games this season. Of course, if karma has any role in the outcome the two teams will tie; and, then go to a shootout where a draw would be called on account of Cleveland not having a hockey team and therefore, Quicken Loans' Arena having no hockey nets for the aforementioned shoot out.

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  1. wiz cavs may be a singular moment in league history and should be viewed by all. thanks 4 bringing this to our attention.