Sunday, December 8, 2013

Team FG Attempts and Makes

I collected team data from NBA Stats (as of December 7th's games) on field goal (FG) attempts and makes in five foot increments from the basket out to 29 feet (the NBA three point line is 23 feet 9 inches so outside of end of half, regulation and OT shots, there are likely few, if any, shots beyond 29 feet). The first chart shows the percent of FG attempts by five foot increment.

The second chart shows the percent of FG makes by five foot increment. There isn't a clear relationship between winning and percent of FGs attempted or made by distance from the basket as there are poor teams that attempt a high (Knicks) and low (Jazz) percentage of longer shots and there are better teams that shoot a high (Rockets) and low (Trailblazers) percentage of closer shots. Much of the relationship is likely explained by team personal (i.e., the Rockets shoot a higher percentage of FGs from within 5 feet because they have Dwight Howard).

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