Friday, May 30, 2014

Best & Worst Three-man Line-ups (2013/14 Playoffs)

Below are the best and worst three-man line-ups in the playoffs as of last night's game based on player impact estimate (PIE) and net rating (both standardized per 48 minutes of play). I pulled data from NBA stats (which limits each combination of three-man line-ups to 250).

As expected, three-man rotations from either the Spurs or the Heat take all of the top ten positions, with the exception that Lowry, Patterson and Vasquez, who had the second highest PIE. The ten worst PIEs are dominated by Bulls and Raptors, two first round exits. Surprisingly, the three worst PIEs are Heat rotations that include Udanis Haslem.

The net rating chart essentially mirrors the PIE chart with the exception that Lowry, Patterson and Vasquez dropped from second to sixth best. The fact that Udonis Haslem is the consistent piece (with otherwise extraordinary players) in the three worst PIEs and net rating for these playoffs signals the value of Chris Andersen's return (not necessarily because he is so valuable, but because Andersen is simply not Haslem).

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