Monday, June 24, 2013

Last 15 #1 Picks WS & WS/ 48

In preparation for this Thursday's draft--where if Alex Len is drafted first overall the NBA, the sport of  basketball, the concept of competition, physical activity will all mutually implode as that signals that some mysterious dark matter is going to instantaneously subsume all of the galaxy--basketball-reference reported the Win Share and Win Share/ 48 minutes of the last 15 number one picks.

What's interesting from the chart? Despite being injured for much of his rookie year Anthony Davis has about tripled Michael Olowokandi's career contribution and almost exceeded that of Greg Oden (who it's obviously unfair to compare to without taking injuries into account). It's also surprising that over the entire course of his career,  Elton Brand has had more of a contribution than Dwight Howard. Taking Brand's longer tenure into account however, Howard has contributed more per game (as indicated by the higher WS/ 48).

Of course, no draft analysis, no matter how basic, can be complete without troubling results for Wizards' fans--John Wall and Kwame Brown share the same WS/ 48 thus far in their career, and the only two players with lower ratings are Olowokandi and Andrea Bargnani, the latter of whom ended the debate re: the question: If there isn't strong domestic talent in a given draft (i.e., 2005, 2013), do you just select the foreign player most often described as "the next Dirk Nowitzki"?


  1. So, based on this chart. If your name appears on this list you have at least a 1/15 chance of getting colored lips tattooed on your neck

  2. Potential topic for a future post: If George Zimmerman were a pro athlete, what sport and position (if applicable) would he play? Discuss.