Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spencer Hawes--Harden'ing

The problem with when white bros go for the James Harden look--which Harden very well may have appropriated from some musician or entertainer, bear in mind that outside of HGTV the NBA serves as this blog's sole connection to pop culture--is that rather than look Urban Lincoln hip, white bros really just resemble a  rural terrorist. Take Spencer Hawes, his Harden beard makes gives him an air of Amish extremist. Like--no he does not like your values and yes he does hate technology with the exception of when it is used to create IEDs. The type of guy that is reaaaallllyyy holding out on believing that the President is an American citizen until he gets that real life birth certificate in his own personal hand. (But, heck, even then what with computers, Netscape and America On Line any hack can make a duplicate, right?) It's probably not to fun to be a rookie on the 76ers and on every road trip get coerced into boarding with the teammate that all the veterans say is a nephew of Ted Kaczysnki.

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